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Night Things by Thomas F. Monteleone

Night ThingsThomas F. Monteleone


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"Tension, suspense, and solid scares. . . . written by an acknowledged master of the [horror] genre."--Cemetery Dance

Residents of the little town of Conora, New Mexico, are none too concerned when a local construction crew unearths a Native American burial ground; after all, Sheriff Miguel Lopez, shopkeeper Lori Danek, newspaper chief Tony Cavella, his daughter Dierdre, and the rest of the bustling community have their own lives to think about. But sometimes a bulldozer does more than move the earth . . . it opens a wound.

A spate of strangely violent deaths, bird-like claw marks gouged into crime scenes, and a disturbed, forgotten cavern in a rural desert: Night Things, Thomas F. Monteleone's debut horror novel, brings small town terror into harshly bright sunlight. And the people of Conora have neither any idea about--nor any way to prepare for--the ancient terror about to be loosed upon their small town.

Take a chilling trip to a 1980s Southwest desert village beset by an ancient evil unleashed from its binding to the underworld--risen again to plague mankind.

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