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The Tower (Endsmouth Book 1) by Kieran Legend

The Tower (Endsmouth Book 1)Kieran Legend


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First it was the virus. Then the bombs. Now Jordan Branch rules the world he destroyed.

There's no one left to stop him. Or at least he thinks. TK Gabriel was an action hero in a past life, doomed to roam the roads in search of revenge on the man who took everything from him. That means going to Branch's Tower in what remains of the Las Vegas strip.

That means fighting to the death in his arena.

Branch and his wealthy elites watch while survivors battle his mutated creations for a chance at a warm bed and a hot meal. The rest do what they can to survive. Hope means something different now. Hope means doing whatever to survive. True hope for a better future seems impossible.

... until the action hero blows into town and defies the odds.

He can't be what they want him to be, but hope comes from the strangest places sometimes.

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