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Beers and Fears: Flight Night by Armand  Rosamilia

Beers and Fears: Flight NightArmand Rosamilia


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There's a hot new brewery in town and tonight is opening night. Fear Brewing is a love letter to the horror genre, but when horror bellies up to the bar, the real fun begins. The customers are in for a twisted sequel they'll never forget. If they survive…

It's five o'clock somewhere, but here, it's always just after midnight. So come. Have a drink. Just don't stay too long. Because here, there is no last call.

Beers and Fears: FLIGHT NIGHT consists of four interconnected horror novellas.

Road To Roaches - A metal band gets ready to shred in their biggest gig yet, but an evil infestation is determined to stop them.

Crazy, Crazy Night - A concerned business owner tries throwing the most successful grand opening of his career, but his haunted past is catching up with him and the ghosts are thirsty.

The Beast of Beer Town - A peculiar paranormal investigator, with the help of some new friends, hunts down a terrifying creature with a taste for human flesh.

Omerta - A horrific secret threatens to unravel the truth behind a local legend, the sanctity of a bedroom community, and the friendship of those who know more than they let on.

The authors (Chuck Buda, Frank Edler, Tim Meyer, Armand Rosamilia) embark on an annual book signing tour, BEERS AND FEARS, where they visit small craft breweries to promote their books. And drink beer. Mostly to drink beer, though.

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