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The Haunted Realm 2020 Wall Calendar

The Haunted Realm 2020 Wall Calendar


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Sir Simon Marsden's atmospheric black-and-white infrared photographs reveal the hidden supernatural world, transporting the viewer to a different realm — a haunted realm. In The Haunted Realm wall calendar, Marsden's ghostly images are accompanied by literary excerpts and historical accounts as well as tales of apparitions and the paranormal that have been reported at the sites.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Sir Simon Marsden was known for his haunting black-and-white infrared photographs of mysterious landscapes and romantic ruins. His work can be found in the J. Paul Getty Museum in California and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. His books include This Spectred Isle, The Haunted Realm, The Journal of a Ghosthunter, and The Twilight Hour. Marsden died in 2012.