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A Friend of the Devil: Exceptional Crimes Unit Book 1 by David Beers

A Friend of the Devil: Exceptional Crimes Unit Book 1David Beers


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The dead haunt Abel Ease.

They come to him in his dreams, reminding him of his curse, and demanding he come down to them. They won't let him forget his family's sins, and they won't ever let him escape his fate: his soul belongs to them.

And the people Abel comes in contact with? His curse becomes theirs. Sometimes, creatures from other realms reach out to those he loves… and snatch them up.

FBI Agent Emi Laurens once knew Abel, though she hasn't thought of him for years. At the moment, all she's concerned with is catching a serial killer performing Satanic rituals on his victims.

Emi thinks this killer is human … but it's not, and now it's after her.

In order to save Emi, Abel must first face the dead, and then venture into a world he wants nothing to do with. He'll stare down a creature straight from the depths of hell… One that will gladly take his soul as well as Emi's.

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