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Bloody Bonkers: A Crazy Ink Anthology by Jim Ody

Bloody Bonkers: A Crazy Ink AnthologyJim Ody


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Bloody Bonkers: A Crazy Ink Anthology

It takes all kinds of crazy to keep the prisons filled up. The line between sanity and insanity can be threaded with the thinnest strings. Sometimes, walking that edge takes stepping into the madness…

Stories with varying degrees of criminal insanity and one common theme – exploring the crimes committed in the heat of passion.

How far would you go with love on the line? Who and what would you kill for? What's the difference between temporary and forever insanity? How far would you be willing to travel into madness for justice?

With something for everyone, Bloody Bonkers will lock you into the delicious mayhem that causes the bloodiest of heated crimes…

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