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Animated Scorched Scarecrow

Animated Scorched Scarecrow


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This terrifying scarecrow prop stands at an imposing 7 feet tall at the top of his gnarled stem and features a flickering-light-up Jack O' Lantern head and chest that turn side to side. An excellent animated prop to add to your indoor Halloween decorations!

Includes 400W Fog Machine and hose attachment for added ambiance!

Prop will say one of three sayings with each activation:
"Brittle and withering on a blackened husk, but still ready to harvest. I'm looking for some ripe souls to roast over my embers until ready to eat - ahahahah delicious!";
"The lands have been burned to a smoldering ruin; this earth is good for nothing and no one. Come out of hiding, you have nothing left to live for!";
"Bones crackle and crumble like burnt matchsticks, feeding the fires that keep me standing before you. Who's next for the pyre? Ahhahahahah!"

Activation options: steady-on, Step-Here pad, and infra-red sensor.
Standard UL power adapter. Easy assembly required. Fog liquid not included.