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Island of Bones (Haunted Florida Book 1) by Gaby Triana

Island of Bones (Haunted Florida Book 1)Gaby Triana


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A haunted Key West resort. Murder off the Havana coast. Pirates. A deadly hurricane.

When Ellie Whitaker leaves her dead-end job and ex behind to spread her grandmother's ashes in tropical paradise, the last thing she expected was to face more ghosts of the past.

But darkness lurks inside her grandmother's former home turned resort. Ellie's presence stirs up its energies. As a hurricane creeps closer to the island, she must hurry to discover long-buried truths.

About her treasure-hunting grandfather's death in 1951.
About the curse her grandmother left behind.
About the innkeeper next door with an evil secret.

And the spectral visions she keeps having. Some there to help her. And some to make sure Ellie becomes a ghostly resident of haunted Key West forever.

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