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Wrathful Wings by NV Bruno

Wrathful WingsNV Bruno


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Guardian Angels are humble and peaceful entities who look after us. Or are they?
What if they were capable of doing more than just watching over us?
Damien Newman's guardian angel will show you to what extent it can go to protect him.

Take a dive into this refreshing new crime-fantasy thriller that will show you a completely different side of our divine protectors.
Embark on a journey with Damien's father Wesley Newman as he tries to uncover the controversy behind a series of deaths in New York hospitals and bring the culprits to justice, until he comes face to face with the biggest dilemma of his life.

Will he make the hardest choice of his life and live with the consequences? Or will it take him somewhere he never imagined to be?

Wrathful Wings will tell you everything.

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