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McFarlane Toys Construction Sets- The Walking Dead TV Dale's RV Set

McFarlane Toys Construction Sets- The Walking Dead TV Dale's RV Set


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No other vehicle was more iconic and notable in AMC's The Walking Dead than Dale's RV. Owned and operated by fan-favorite character Dale, the RV often served as a flagship and lookout tower during the survivors' attempts to seek shelter in the apocalyptic world. Fans can relive and build this iconic vehicle and owner to protect their building set figures.

-- 468 piece set; completely buildable iconic Winnebago from Season 2 of The Walking Dead
-- Features functioning wheels and door with mosquito screen
-- Contains two folding chairs (one with umbrella) and open and closed awning
-- Includes Dale with binoculars and alternate pair of sitting legs, RV Zombie, and Female Herd Walker figures
-- Figures feature articulation at main joints and have foot clamps to lock into building set bricks

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