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Danger in the Dirt (The Shivers Novellas Book 3) by D L Richardson

Danger in the Dirt (The Shivers Novellas Book 3)D L Richardson


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Inspired by 'Tales from the Crypt' comics and R.L Stine's 'Goosebumps' series, the Shivers novellas are exactly that - stories to send shivers down your spine. Scare not splatter. Ghosts, not gore. More thrill, less kill. Suspense not slash. The Shivers Novellas are all standalone titles and can be read in any order

Volume 3: Danger in the Dirt

Elijah Brooks has lost his home, his job, his girlfriend, and now he's about to lose his truck. Desperate to get his luck back on track, he thinks he's found the answer. His grandfather used to used to run a traveling 'wild west' show as The Gunslinger and he used to rake in the cash. Elijah's father still has all the tents and saddles and replica guns.

This is Elijah's last chance to make enough money to stop his landlord evicting him. He's found the location. He's hired the actors and horses. The posters are up. It's opening night and the whole town is set to show up.

But three show hands have disappeared and a strange beast made of dirt is responsible. Elijah is faced with a vengeful demon that will ruin him. Can Elijah stop the beast, or will it be a case of the show must go on, even if the show is cursed?

Volume 1: Poison in the Pond
Volume 2: Evil in the Embers
Volume 3: Danger in the Dirt

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