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Hellstorm (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 3) by David Longhorn

Hellstorm (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 3)David Longhorn


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Ghastly children haunt the dark walls of Weyrmouth Cathedral in a final battle that threatens to open the floodgates of hell…

The residents of Weyrmouth are on edge, and bone-chilling fear has flooded the picturesque town. Mysterious deaths are on the rise, and local law enforcement is at a loss to explain the streams of blood pulsing through the streets.

Erin Cale and Louise Tarrant are sure that they are coming closer to unlocking the looming cathedral's catacomb of secrets, but they are thwarted by Ithuriel's many defenders -- both mortal and mythical.

Meanwhile, the mournful and foreboding cries of the trapped children linger into the nighttime air, and Erin knows that they bear the key to ending the cathedral's curse once and for all. But their inability to share their secrets has thrown a wrench into Erin's plans to save the town.

As they strive to beat Ithuriel at his own devilish game, the gaping mouth of hell has opened, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear.

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