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Spooky Mansion Wood Wick Candle

Spooky Mansion Wood Wick Candle


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Crackling Wood Wick Spooky Mansion Candle! The musky eerie scent of a spooky mansion combines cedar-wood with the scent of sage and sweet-grass. Perfect for making your own house smell like a spooky mansion! Candeo Candle Handmade Candles - Made in the USA! Let your cares melt away as our rich, true to life fragrant Candles fill your home with aromatic bliss. Our candles will burn cleanly without the soot, smoke and harmful chemicals that many other candles emit! They will fill a minimum of 1000 square feet with fragrance, and are strongly scented from the very first burn, to the very bottom of the candle. We are so confident that you will love your new handmade candle, that we offer a full money back guarantee!