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Bloody Bat Hot Sauce in a Coffin

Bloody Bat Hot Sauce in a Coffin


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A Cajun-style, cayenne pepper sauce with coarse-ground black pepper, in a coffin no less! Get BIT by Bloody Bat! You’ll be RABID for it!

About Halloween Hot Sauce:

-- Halloween Hot Sauce is a homemade brew of thick, flavorful, slow-simmered, small-batch hot sauce, each created from our own custom recipes.
-- Bottles can be purchased sealed inside cedar coffins, each handmade by Victor “The Undertaker” Ives himself!
-- Each coffin is stuffed liberally with “mausoleum moss” and novelty maggots along for the ride. Don’t worry, they don’t eat much.
-- Authentic, vintage fonts and printing techniques of the 1890’s are simulated in each bottle’s apothecary-style label.
-- Each bottle is topped with a scrap of hand-stained “burial cloth.” Corpses don’t mind if I cut up their clothes, do they?
-- What Halloween-inspired hot sauce bottle would be complete without a bloody toe-tag tied around the neck?