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Edgewise by Graham Masterton

EdgewiseGraham Masterton


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Successful Minneapolis realtor Lily Blake is disturbed in the middle of the night by two masked men who break into her home and kidnap her two children. For weeks, the FBI try to find them, but to no avail.

In desperation, Lily seeks the services of Native American PI John Shooks, who suggests they ask a Sioux shaman to summon up the Indian spirit, Wendigo, to find them. However, the price for this service is a spit of land at Mystery Lake, which Lily's firm is trying to sell for development - land that once belonged to the Sioux before it was stolen from them in the 1850s.

Lily is soon drawn into the destructive, cannibalistic world of the Wendigo and learns to the detriment of those closest to her that you should never underestimate the power and force of a spirit betrayed...

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