LAST CHANCE DEALS – {05-25-2016}

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Crossings by Ashley Capes

CrossingsAshley Capes


LAST CHANCE! - Available through May 25 at

Deal availability may change without notice! Prices may vary from store to store. Due to international copyright, availability and pricing may vary outside of the US.


Deep in the Australian bush, something dark is stirring.

When wildlife ranger, Lisa Thomas, finds a pile of animal entrails on her doorstep she's disturbed, but nothing can prepare her for the sudden spate of deaths that follow.

On top of this, her abusive ex has returned to town, and her father's health is deteriorating fast. As Lisa's life spins out of control, a giant white kangaroo appears with a dire warning.

Yet the mysterious kangaroo is impossible to track down and the more Lisa searches the more she's sure an even greater threat lurks in the wilderness...

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