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Alone in the Shadows by P. Aura

Alone in the ShadowsP. Aura


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Robert, a middle age man finds himself going to Mexico to do a job that, at the beginning seemed very easy and rutinary: drive all the way to a forest property and take pictures and survey it to have all the needed information to sell it to some investors who want to make a golf course there.

The idea seemed great to him, since he was in a desperate need for some money, since his family life was already going down the drain because of his inability to find and keep a decent job.

What he didn't expect is that, deep down the wooden elms and pines of that forsaken property's house he would find about a horrific story that took place some years ago. Suddenly finding himself dealing with the supernatural, the local beliefs and superstitions.

At the beginning just to do his job but later on to save his own life and his family's

If you are a fan of horror thrillers you will be delighted with this book that will have you on the edge wanting to know more.

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