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Special Feature: Horror Artist KARDIAC

Zombie Jumping

What does horror and hip-hop have in common? Answer: music/video artist KARDIAC - one of the most controversial artists known to the underground.

Hailing from Middletown, NY, KARDIAC began playing drums in hardcore local bands at the age of 15. He quickly realized his vision exceeded beyond the sticks, and he started producing beats, selling tapes and dropped his first solo LP "Prescription for Death." From there, he hit the underground circuit, and opened for such artists as Immortal Technique, ILL BILL, Q-unique, Jedi Mind Tricks, 7L & Esoteric, Outerspace, Life Long and last but not least the infamous Boot camp Clik.

Over the years, KARDIAC has also been involved in several group project album releases of which he published himself. It was in 2011, when he came back strong with his 4th solo album release, “The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight,” as he broadcast his very first professional music video, “The Nest.” That album took a different and out of the ordinary approach from the monotonous style that rap had to offer at the time. KARDIAC has appeared on radio stations in New York, and also performed all over the United States opening for many major artists in the underground industry.

In 2012, KARDIAC began creating his own official videos and commercials. This includes: video production, video editing, special effects, and film scoring. He has since released a few promotional commercials. For his December 2013 album, "Sleep Deprivation," he showcased his first independently produced official music video for the track entitled "It's Hard to Keep a Secret." In 2014, he took a bigger step into the film world to write and produce his own Short Film Music Video, "The County Road Cover Up," that was inspired by a track off of the album, "Gifts of Blood Two."

To date, KARDIAC has released 5 solo LPs and is currently working on his 6th solo album. To get a taste of his horror hip-hop style, check out his albums here:

KARDIAC is also working on his next official horror video currently titled "When Everything Changed." The idea for this music video is a dark horror story. Production will start within the next couple of weeks.

Midst the planning and developing his next release, KARDIAC continues to develop beat production and artwork for the general public.

For more about KARDIAC, be sure and check out his music and video offerings here: