The Zombie Run – Infecting a City Near You

Baby Firefly Feb 28, 2015 | 0Comments

The Zombie Run: Black Ops

You've been debating with your friends for years about how you would survive a zombie apocalypse. You've watched all the movies, read all the books, and you'd wager that your mad skills are on par with Daryl Dixon's on "The Walking Dead."

But talk is cheap. How do you know how you'll really react to a zombie when you've never actually encountered one? Well, here's your chance to find out! Put your money where your brains are when you sign up for The Zombie Run - a 5K obstacle course that pits Humans against Zombies. For an even more realistic experience, The Zombie Run: Block Ops starts after sundown!

The Zombie Run is a unique 5K run that helps raise funds for the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Kennedy Krieger Institute’s sole focus is on the problems and injuries affecting a child’s developing brain. For decades, dedicated researchers, physicians, therapists and educators have been helping children battling brain injuries and disorders across the nation on their road to recovery.

Through your support, Kennedy Krieger is able to provide ground-breaking research and critically needed care for children battling brain injuries and disorders nationwide.

When you register for The Zombie Run, you can sign up to be either a Human or a Zombie.

Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life

Register as a Human and Test Yourself

Start off in a temporary refuge, but be prepared for zombie attacks. If the refuge becomes overrun with zombies, you'll have to trek 3.1 miles to reach the next designated safe zone. Make it to the designated safe zone in one piece and you'll be identified as a "Suvivor." Think you can survive running 3.1 miles through hordes of ravenous zombies? The course is segmented into several themed zones. Each zone is populated with more zombies than the one before, and will feature bizarre and unexpected events and elements.

Be prepared to encounter massive fires, infected school buses, herd highways, chainsaw massacres, medical checkpoints, scaling walls, and of course starving zombies who see you as their next meal!

Humans will be provided with a belt and three "life flags," which the zombies will attempt to steal. Complete the course with at least one "life flag" and you will be identified as a "Survivor."

Worried about your survival rate? You can purchase additional "life flags" with a $10 donation to the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Or team up with other runners. Start your own team of trusted comrades, or join an existing team.

Run for Their Brains

Run for Their Brains

Register as a Zombie

Do you think it would be the coolest thing ever to be a zombie? Dying to do the Undead Shuffle? Sign up to participate as a Zombie and scare the brains out of your friends! When you register as a Zombie, you'll receive a professional zombie makeover upon arrival.

Once you have been zombified, you will be assigned to one of the many zones within the course. Go into full-on Zombie mode and act your rotting brains out as you terrorize the Humans trying to make it to the safe zone.

Can't Run but Still Want to Have Fun?


Spectators are always welcome! In fact, the more, the merrier! Sponsor a runner, rally your friends, have fun and support a good cause! Once the run is over, stay on for an epic after party.

Enjoy music, food, photo ops, cool merchandise and where state law permits, beer! You can even get a professional zombie makeover!

Ready to Register?